WyreStorm 8x8 HDBaseT Matrix Switcher with HDMI Mirror Outputs, 2-Way IR and QuickSync™

Model No : MX-0808-PP




The WyreStorm PP range uses HDBaseT Class B technology to sit comfortably between our dual cable PRO range of matrices and extenders and flagship full HDBaseT products to enable the transmission of full, uncompressed HD 1080p video and audio, with discrete IR control over distances of up to 70m/230ft using a single Cat5e/6 cable. While full HDBaseT is intended for high end, high spec installations, this more affordable Class B HDBaseT platform has been specifically developed for small-to-mid-range projects that perhaps do not necessitate the feature set or transmission distance of full HDBaseT, or the premium price tag that comes with an advanced specification.  Yet the PP shares many of the same strengths as our full HDBaseT products, such as a ‘one-cable’ distribution method for delivery of bidirectionally controlled full 1080p HD video and HD audio, the same signal stability and resistance to electrical or environmental interference, but removes Ethernet functionality and reduces signalling rate and resolution range to 70m/230ft to enable the benefits of HDBaseT transmission to be achieved for smaller scale projects at lower budgets. Additionally, all matrices in the Pro Plus range feature duplicate HDMI outputs, mirrored to the HDBaseT Output, which allow the connection of local HDMI devices such as AVRs or transmission to be lengthened up to 7 times by daisy-chaining multiple HDBaseT Class B extender sets to essentially double  the number of connectable outputs, as well as offering opportunities to use non-Cat5e cable formats by using various Wyrestorm Extender products such as Coax, full HDBT, or Fibre extender sets for unrivalled options and compatibility. This MX-0808-PP HDBaseT Matrix model allows any 8 HDMI inputs to be distributed independently and simultaneously over distances of up to 70m/230ft to any of the 8 HD output displays connected to the matrix, regardless of HDCP encryption, with discrete IR control. The system offers flexibility and reliability of signal distribution, combined with innovative features and an ease of use to deliver HD audio and video, controlled via IR, RS232 or LAN, all on a single Cat5e/6/7 cable that removes the need for additional control and video cables on installations, whether in a residential or commercial setting.

  • Quick and easy installation – set up in seconds straight out of the box.
  • Simplified ports - Input:  HDMI  –  Output:  Simultaneous HDMI and integrated RJ45 connectors for a single Cat5e/6 UTP cable to each display point for ease of installation

NOTE:  The inclusion of duplicate HDMI ports essentially doubles the number of outputs (though slaved to the output channel on the matrix), or allowing connection to Coax, Fibre or full HDBT extender sets for increased flexibility and length of distribution.

  • Conforms to IEEE-568B standards.
  • Each HDMI port also supports DVI inputs.
  • Enables up to 8 HDMI video/audio devices to be independently switched through up to 8 HDMI displays or projectors for uncompressed digital distribution.
  • Each output able to show any connected source simultaneously regardless of whether the input carries HDCP encryption.
  • HDCP compliant with constant feed to prevent screen drop-outs.
  • Refined for Custom Install and Home Theatre Installations.
  • Reads and copies EDID from connected devices with additional EDID configuration through customizable DIP switch settings if necessary.
  • The same robust transmission technology as full HDBT that is far more resistant to electrostatic interference than conventional non-HDBT distribution.
  • HDMI v1.4 with full 3D compatibility with frame packing/ frame sequential (Blu-Ray) and interlaced Stereoscopic (satellite/cable broadcasts).
  • Central RS232 control – fully compatible with all market leading control systems with full integration protocols available for AMX, Control 4, Crestron, Red Eye, Nevo, RTI, Control FX, Savant, Bit Wise.
  • LAN control – with Control 4 LAN protocols.
  • Wide range, two-way discrete IR control between source and display and vice versa (30 KHz to 56 KHz frequency)
  • 2K resolution (compared to 4k resolution with full HDBaseT).
  • 36bit Deep Colour supported (compared to 48bit with Full HDBaseT, and 24bit PRO).
  • 6.75 Gbps bandwidth range/signalling rate  (compared to 10.2Gbps with full HDBaseT).
  • 70m/230ft transmission under recommended conditions*

(Can be lengthened by connecting to multiple 70m/230ft extender sets or used with any other WyreStorm extenders, such as Coax, full HDBT or Fibre)

  • Each Output port can be fed to multiple displays (cascaded).
  • Supports all high definition resolutions up to and including 1080p and standard video formats.
  • Choose from 5 switching modes – infrared remote control, front panel buttons, local IR, IR call-back, and RS232.
  • Simple switching remote control included, which can also be learned into a universal remote handset to allow the control of multiple devices from one handset.
  • 8 x IR 3.5mm mini-jack ports for each output.
  • Additional infrared extension port for longer IR connections
  • Pack comes complete with 1 x MX-0808-PP 8x8 matrix unit with 19”, IR receivers, emitters and a remote control handset.

*Recommended transmission conditions denote cable run is within specified distance range of product, no electrical interference, the use of straight cable runs with no bends or kinks and no patch panels or wall outlets used.  Please be advised that the presence of any of these factors in your installation may compromise bandwidth and signal strength.  For longer transmission distances, LAN control and Ethernet pass-through, please see our full HDBaseT or HDBT Lite range of matrices, transmitters, receivers and extender sets. 

In the Box

  • MX-0808-PP main unit
  • Printed instruction manual
  • Included PC control software and digital copy of instruction manual (also downloadable from this product page)
  • Matrix mounting brackets
  • 1 x 12VDC power supply
  • 1 x IR Extension cable
  • 8 x IR TX emitters
  • 8 x IR RX receivers
  • 1 x MX-0808-PP remote control incl. battery (size/type: CR2025 3V)