Fiber Optic Fault Finder





Locate breaks, bends or unseen faults causing losses in fiber optic cable

The FIBER-CHECKER allows technicians to quickly detect faults in single and multimode fiber optic cable up to 3 kilometers with its visible 650nM red laser. It can be used to locate a broken splice or fiber, identify overly tight cable ties, or isolate a damaged connector, even through 3mm buffered fiber.

A break or bend in the fiber can be indicated by red light escaping from the cable at the fault point. The laser output from cable ends is most clearly visible when facing a flat surface approximately six inches away.

  • Power switch located at rear for extra safety.
  • Switch between continuous or 3Hz pulse mode.
  • Slim design in the shape of a pocket sized pen with clip.
  • Front screw-on cap designed for extra protection.
  • Can be used to test all fiber connectors with 2.5mm ferrule (FC, SC, ST).

Minimum order quantity 5 Nos.